Chacha Museum
‘The Museum – Like Shop’ Chacha Museum established in 1955 where SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE. Chacha Museum is the Biggest and Oldest handicraft emporium in Mount Abu. CHACHA SURINDAR Singh is the Pioneer of the handicrafts industry, now one of the mainstays of the tourist industry of Mount Abu.


Guru Shikhar
Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, the Aravalli mountains. Mount Abu has the distinction of having this peak within its precincts. Standing at a height of 1722 meters (5676 feet), Guru Shikhar towers majestically over all the surrounding areas.
It is a must see tourist spot of Mount Abu, as much for its scenic beauty as its spiritual significance.


Nakki Lake
Nakki Lake is the heart of hill station. It’s a must visit place as it gives no. of reasons like shopping, boating, eatery, etc; the mythological lake is the largest man made lake at the height of 11,000 m. Pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by Aravalli hills, mist in air, cold breeze make it the perfect place for a romantic evening.


Adhar Devi Temple Mount Abu
The tired, fast breathing pilgrims with a pumping heart reach a place whose sight glows their eyes and makes them feel immortal and this place is the temple of the Almighty Goddess Adhar Devi. Situated on a dormant volcano, Maa katyani named arbuda devi resides on a hilly range of aravallis in the shadow of awesome peaks of the hill station Mount Abu. The adorable feeling of blessings being showered on the pilgrims do attract them toward the enumerating auspicious temple where all the sorrows and sadness is destroyed and what remains is pleasure, joy and the feel of fulfillment.


Shankar Math
Shankar Math temple of Lord Shiva where 9.5 feet tall Shivling is worshiped was established since 1977. Temple is surrounded with plants all around keeping the atmosphere cool every moment, a very peaceful environment to chant mantras and meditate sitting in the big just in front of the Shivling, makes this temple a perfect destination to achieve consistency and energy in life. Small pond with lotus flowers and Utrasum bead (Rudraksha) tree can also be seen around the temple.


Dilwara Jain Temple
The search for the immense pilgrimage and the sacred belief of the Jains end here at the dilwara jain temple. It is located 2.5 kms from Mount Abu. The temples carved out from five marble collectively make them the most beautiful pilgrimage sites in the world. The carvings, doorways, pillars, ceilings are illustrations of amazing architectural perfection. Built across various decades, these temples prove to be an example of human talent and dedication.


Sunset Point
Sunset at Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful sights that you can set your eyes on. The sunset point, which is an elevated spot to the southwest of the NakkiLake is the perfect place to watch the sun go down behind the majestic Aravalli mountains. The place is always teeming with hundreds of tourists on any given day.


Toad Rock “Mount Abu”
Mount Abu is well known for the variety of rock formations in the region. The most famous of these is the Toad Rock. Shaped like a toad, which perhaps is the reason why it is so named, the toad rock sits perched prettily on top of a hill, overlooking the Nakki Lake.


Rajasthan has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and is replete with historical monuments. Mount Abu, the lone hill station in Rajasthan can boast of its very own fort, the Achalgarh fort. Situated at a distance of about 11 km to the north of the town, it is one of the several tourist attractions around Mount Abu.


Goumukh Temple
Mount Abu, the picturesque hill station located in Rajasthan is popularly known as the abode of the Gods. It is a title which is very apt to the place, not only because of the rich mythology associated with it, but also the innumerable temples spread over this relatively small town. One such temple is the Gaumukh temple. It is dedicated to the sage Vashishta from Hindu mythology.


Trevor’s Tank Mount Abu
Trevor’s Tank defines the treacherous Crocodiles and the mesmerizing beauty of wildlife, a place where the beauty meets the beast and this combination is valuable. The area enclosed here gives majestic views of flora and fauna and a feeling to adore and relax all your metamorphic senses and refresh them to give a feeling of livelihood in the middle of the jungle.


Shree Pavapuri Tirtvh Jiv Metri Dham
Shree Pavapuri Tirtvh Jiv Metri Dham is situated at Sirohi district of Rajasthan. This campus is developed by K. P. Sanghvi Group and it comprises a Jain Tirth (Temple complex) and Jeev Raksha Kendra (Animal Welfare Center). Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is a shining example of Jain Temple Architecture and Culture. It is a beautiful blend of art and architecture, enshrined in pure values that have percolated through generations. A visit here is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.


Pandav Bhawan
Mount Abu is a quaint, rustic hill station in the state of Rajasthan. Nestled in the lap of the Aravalli mountain range, It has great history and mythology associated with it. The Aravalli mountain range is one of the oldest in the world, and Mount Abu has been home to a large number of ascetics in ancient times, who performed meditation in these peaceful regions.


Shree Arasuri Ambaji Temple
Shree Arasuri Ambaji Temple located around 50 km away from Mount abu, in dist Banaskantha of Gujarat, is among the 51 Shakti Pithas. There is no idol of goddess, the holy “Shree Visa Yantra” is worshiped as the main deity. The original impression of Ambaji mata is on gabbar hilltop i.e. 5 kms away and can be reached by walking on stairs or Rope Way. A large mela on Bhadarvi poornima (full moon day) is held every year in which millions of pedestrian pilgrims, devotees, and tourists arrive to worship the sacred place on this auspicious day.