The Gardens of Chacha Inn “The Garden Retreat” will take you away from regular city life into a world of beauty and natural peace in the heart of the Aravallis.

Once you are there, you can opt to walk along the gravel path, leading through the Gardens. The machan is an ideal place to sit, relax and watch the lush green gardens.

Romantic couples can have absolute privacy sitting in the bamboo huts placed in various corners of the gardens. Children can cherish playing on the swings while the elderly can keep a watch on them, sitting beside the Lotus Pond.

The Garden Restaurant is a perfect place to dine amidst nature, under the twinkling stars surrounded by lush green Gardens. We create an ambiance of Rajasthan with its folk singers, magic and puppet shows.

Start your day with a morning walk. Let the greenery fill in your eyes and embrace the fresh, clean and pollution free air. Varieties of birds also pay us a visit. Parrots, mynahs, seven sisters, water fowls, bulbuls, barbets, hoopoes are a common sight in the “Garden Retreat”. They congregate around the bird baths and feeding bowls.